Privacy Policy

Ready To Load Logistics Inc. respects the privacy of its customers, industry partners and the privacy of visitors to this Web site. Your personal information is only collected, used and disclosed by Ready To Load Logistics Inc. in accordance with this privacy policy.

Our privacy policy is based on the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information, CAN/CSA-Q830-96, and similar guidelines governing the United States of America. Any changes to the policy will be clearly indicated on this Web site. This privacy policy applies to customer and other information collected through and used in Ready To Load Logistics Inc.'s Web site only. Ready To Load Logistics Inc. is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of the Web sites to which it links.

1. Accountability
Ready To Load Logistics Inc. takes full responsibility for the management and confidentiality of the personal information it collects. Our customer service & administrative staff process all customer information and requests and our management staff oversees the operation of Ready To Load Logistics. These Individuals are accountable for the organization's compliance in accordance with the following principles.

2. Identifying Purposes
Only personal information that is necessary to provide the data, pricing or satisfy other requests by the site visitor is required by Ready To Load Logistics Inc. We encourage those filling out web forms to provide information indicated as optional, in order for Ready To Load Logistics Inc. to better address the needs and interests of its customers. However, exclusion of optional information has no effect on customer privileges.

3. Use And Disclosure Of Customers Information
The information provided by customers on forms is only used for contact purposes, either by postal mail, email or fax. Email and fax lists are often compiled to communicate with all customers or with a subset of customers or other visitors to the site.

4. Other Information Collected And Used On Ready To Load Logistics Inc.'s Web Site
Inquiries can be sent to Ready To Load Logistics Inc. from the Contact Us page of this Web site. Any contact or other information provided to Ready To Load Logistics Inc. is used strictly for the purpose of responding to the inquiry, is not disclosed to any third party and is only kept long enough to respond to the inquiry.

Individual customers' area Username and Password are also stored and used in the day-to-day operation of the Web site. All such information is protected as outlined in paragraph 8.

5. Consent
By providing any of the information on forms and/or other areas in this Web site, you are expressly consenting to and have knowledge of the collection, use and disclosure of this information, as identified in this policy.

6. Retention Of Customer Information
Paper applications and online forms are kept at Ready To Load Logistics Inc.'s administration office for a period of seven (7) years to meet the legal requirements for record retention.

Customer information provided on paper or online applications are inputted into a stand-alone electronic database. Only one disk back up of the database, replaced monthly, is stored at any one time. The back up is only accessible to administrative staff.

If a customer relationship with Ready To Load Logistics Inc. is terminated, either at the request of the customer or Ready To Load Logistics Inc., that customer's information is permanently deleted from the database seven (7) years after the customer relationship is terminated.

7. Accuracy
Ready To Load Logistics Inc. relies exclusively on the information provided by its customers and will not seek independent verification of any of the information supplied. Customers are required to declare that the information contained in any/all forms is an accurate and fair reflection of the facts.

8. Saftey of Information
Ready To Load Logistics Inc. implements various security measures to prevent unauthorized access to customer information. Paper application and/or program information forms are kept in secure locations at Ready To Load Logistics Inc.'s Head Office, and only authorized individuals may access them. All forms finally disposed of at Ready To Load Logistics Inc.'s office are shredded before being discarded. The electronic stand-alone database of customer information is only accessible by Ready To Load Logistics Inc. staff. Those filling out forms on-line do so on a general non-secured page on this Web site. However, the information is sent to a database that is located on a protected server. This secured database is accessible by the System Administrator, Web Designer and Authorized Representatives of Ready To Load Logistics Inc.

9. Individual Access & Challenging Compliance

a) Individual Access: Upon request, Ready To Load Logistics Inc. staff will send written confirmation of all the information that Ready To Load Logistics Inc. holds about that customer within three (3) weeks of the request. The customer will have the opportunity to correct any information.

b) Challenging Compliance: If you feel Ready To Load Logistics Inc. is not abiding by the above Privacy Policy or feel this policy does not adequately relay Ready To Load Logistics Inc.'s information-handling practices, please specify your concerns in writing or in an email message and send to:

Ready To Load Logistics Inc.
PO BoX 9004 White Oaks,
London, Ontario
Canada N6E 3P3
(519) 681-1785 ext 223